November 2017

One tunnel would still devastate Delta

Any compromise, however, must provide benefits to all. And any version of WaterFix -- whether one tunnel or two -- will sacrifice the health and safety of communities and wildlife in the Delta, the San Francisco Bay and Southern California.

Sacramento Bee, November 8, 2017

October 2017

5 Congressional California Democrats Seek Federal Probe of Delta Water Project

Five California Democrats in Congress asked Tuesday for a new federal review of funding for Gov. Jerry Brown's proposed tunnel project.

KPIX, October 24, 2017

If we can't build two tunnels to bring Sacramento Delta water to SoCal, will one suffice?

And of course there will not be enough for anybody. The already-crippled delta needs more. Whether it's to be one tunnel or two, the rest of us will have to learn to make do with less.

Los Angeles Times, October 23, 2017

Brown administration says it's willing to consider one-tunnel approach to Delta project

Silicon Valleys water district Wednesday rejected Gov. Jerry Brown's plan to build twin tunnels beneath the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta but said it would support a smaller, less expensive project. A top state official said the Brown administration is willing to consider such an approach.

Sacramento Bee, October 17, 2017

Southern California water agency approves pitching in $4.3 billion for massive delta tunnels project

Southern California's largest water agency Tuesday threw a lifeline to California WaterFix, approving a $4.3-billion buy-in to the water delivery project. The closely watched vote by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California board does not ensure the survival of the $17-billion project, which needs significant funding from other urban and agricultural water districts to move forward.

Los Angeles Times, October 10, 2017

"Significant cost increases and delays": State auditor rips Jerry Brown's $17 billion Delta tunnels project

Gov. Jerry Brown's $17 billion proposal to build two massive tunnels through the Delta to make it easier to move water from north to south was hit with another setback Thursday as a state audit found it was suffering from 'significant cost increases and delays.'

Mercury News, October 5, 2017

September 2017

Plan to pump more water from the Delta gets approved

Federal fisheries regulators have approved a controversial plan opposed by environmental groups that would allow for more pumping from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta this fall.

Sacramento Bee, September 27, 2017

The wet winter brought lots of water to California. But fighting over fish continues

The wettest winter on record for Northern California filled most of the state's reservoirs and had the massive Delta water pumps roaring at full tilt for the first half of the year. Despite this seeming abundance of water, the never-ending dispute continues between farms and cities wanting to receive more water and environmental groups fighting for the Delta's fragile population of tiny smelt.

Sacramento Bee, September 26, 2017

There is a multibillion-dollar hole in the delta tunnels funding plan

The decision by one of the state's major water players to opt out of California's $17-billion replumbing project was a surprise to many. The reasons for it were not.

Los Angeles Times, September 24, 2017

Key California Farm District Rejects Governor's Delta Tunnels Plan

The board of the nation's largest irrigation district on Tuesday rejected participation in Gov. Jerry Brown s $16 billion plan to build two giant tunnels to re-engineer California's north-south water delivery system, dealing a major blow to the project.

Associated Press, September 19, 2017

APNewsBreak: California wants millions to fund water project

Dozens of water agencies and millions of families and farmers would be on the hook for building two giant tunnels to carry Northern California's water southward under new plans to shore up funding for Gov. Jerry Brown's $16 billion project.

San Francisco Chronicle, September 18, 2017

Follow the money -- Delta tunnel foes try new strategy

Opponents of the Delta tunnels proposal, facing a long-shot bid to kill the controversial project on environmental grounds, are now trying to undermine the plan's financial structure.

Sacramento Bee, September 15, 2017

Audit: U.S. taxpayer money misused for California water tunnel project

The U.S. government improperly spent $84 million to help plan for a massive project to ship Northern California water to Southern California, a new federal audit said. Federal officials gave the taxpayer money to help finance Gov. Jerry Brown's plans to build two giant water tunnels, according to the audit by the inspector general's office of the U.S. Interior Department obtained by The Associated Press on Friday.

Associated Press, September 8, 2017

Will lawsuits, high costs frustrate Brown's water tunnels plan?

If the water districts are unwilling to make a big financial commitment, Brown's pipe dream will die. The same if the slew of lawsuits against the twin tunnels should succeed.

Los Angeles Daily News, September 1, 2017